Connellsville, PA History

East Crawford Avenue - Brimstone Corner
East Crawford Avenue - Brimstone Corner

Welcome to Connellsville in Fayette County, Southwestern Pennsylvania — a city rich in history and home to about 9,250 people along the banks of the Youghiogheny River.

Founded in 1806 by Zachariah Connell, Connellsville became a city with the unification of New Haven and Connellsville in 1909 to become the first city in Fayette County.

During the coke and coal days, Connellsville had at one time more millionaires per capita than any other place in the country and possibly the world. This was when Connellsville was king of coal and coke with beehive ovens lighting up the hillsides. Railroads crisscrossed the city; streetcars connected neighborhoods and other towns. When Connellsville became a city in 1909, estimates have the population at more than 22,000. However, the demand for coke around the turn of the century pushed many other emerging industries out, making the city along with Fayette County almost entirely dependant on both coal and coke. When better heating processes were developed, Connellsville coke was no longer needed and the industry went bust — along with the economy of Fayette County.

Connellsville is certainly not a capital of industry anymore, however the city's once great legacy can still be seen in beautiful churches, buildings, and houses.

This site has been put together to give residents of Connellsville deep insight into their rich heritage, and to show others our part in this nation's history.



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